• Kelsey Beaudoin

    Chickadee Designs

    I am a designer and creative at heart! My skills range from taking amazing photos behind the lens of a camera, creating kick butt graphics and logos, artfully lettering signs, fashioning intricate paper flowers, and taking yard sale finds and making them beautiful again.

  • Johanna Boynton

    Boynton Brennan Builders

  • John Boynton

    Firehouse Capital, Inc.

    "We are so excited to make the Wheelhouse a reality. Having bootstrapped a number of startups myself, I get the importance of working in the right environment.

  • Tatiana Murnikova

    The Wheelhouse


  1. An enclosed compartment from which a vessel can be navigated
  2. An area of expertise; a particular skill

The Wheelhouse is unique in coastal Maine. Flexible, state of the art workspace where entrepreneurs, investors, consultants, non-profit leaders, and other professionals who need a home base outside their home or corporate office can work and network in good company. We offer private offices, a large and well-equipped conference room, open desks, and easy access to a casual cafe. Choose the membership package that suits you best. A new kind of community of innovators. In the heart of Northeast Harbor.